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We Help You Buy & Sell Homes in Greater Phoenix Arizona

Never Feel Anxious or Overwhelmed When Buying or Selling a Home

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44 Years of Experience


$200M+ Sold Real Estate


1200+ Homes Sold

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Life is too short to live in a boring home.



We make finding your dream home fun! Our team is always on the hunt for the most original homes in Phoenix.


We want to put money in your pocket. Our team has what it takes to sell your house quickly with the offer you deserve.

How it Works

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To get started, we will MEET UP to understand your vision and goals for buying or selling your home.

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Then, we will TEAM UP the perfect real estate guides to get the job done.

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Finally, we will raise our GLASSES UP to celebrate saying hello to your new home or goodbye to your old one.

Rated 5/5 on Zillow


Diane Zilla

“Over the past 13 years, The Tighe Team has represented us in our home purchases and sales. They are there for us each step of the way, many times helping us to avoid obstacles that could easily end a transaction."

Kathy Hasbach

"The Kei Investments Real Estate Team consists of the most dedicated, market knowledgeable, and professional Realtors that I have worked with."

Peter Wang

"Andy was recommended by a friend of mine who has been in real estate investment and passive income generation for more than 20 years. Andy quickly helped me purchase a foreclosed property in 2010, and it became cash-flow positive from the get-go."

Candie Hammond

"I have used Kei Investments for every real estate need beginning with my first home. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and honest in all dealings. That is why I have referred their services to all of my friends and family members and they continue to use their services as well."

Tempe Credit Union

"The Tighe Team over the last three years has been very responsive to the needs of the Credit Union. They are well informed and familiar with the ever-changing market conditions we deal with and how it applies to the liquidation of distressed properties."

Gillean Barkyoumb

"He helped us purchase our first home in Chandler where we celebrated many milestones including having our first little girl. As our family grew, so did the need for a bigger house. Our first purchase under Andy's guidance proved to be a fantastic investment with the house value increasing 54% in the short five years we lived there. Andy then helped us find the perfect family home where we currently reside in Gilbert and we couldn’t be more in love with our new home and neighborhood."

Home Worth?

You know how much you paid for your home and you know how much you have enjoyed making lifelong memories in your home. 

But while your home may be your safe haven or castle, your personal feelings toward the property and even how much you paid for it a few years ago play no part in the value of your home today.
You should have a grasp of the value of your home in sell your house, looking to refinance your mortgage or buying a new homeowners insurance policy. 
Use our tool to help you determine the value of your home in the market right now!


You may have been thinking about buying a home for quite some time now, but something has held you back. Whether it’s been the volatility of your housing market, the uncertainty of your employment situation, or just the magnitude of the commitment, you’ve been sitting on the sidelines. 

One thing that’s true about any big decision, though, is that the more informed you are about the situation, the more confident you’ll feel about the decision. Simply by using various mortgage calculators, you’ll have a much better picture of your overall financial situation and feel more confident than you did before, specifically as it relates to the type of mortgage you’ll be able to get.

Don't Settle for a Transactional Real Estate Experience.

You need a real estate guide who gets you.